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The process control system is designed to control and monitor technological processes at various production facilities, such as the production of lubricants, chemical solutions and reagents, polymer-bitumen binders, etc. The system exchanges information with devices that control the object in real time, data processing, control, displaying data on the screen for comfortable perception by the operator, maintaining a database in real time, monitoring emergency situations, generating all kinds of reports and trends about the system operation, interface with external programs (DBMS, tables).

The system provides powerful functionality for the prescription process, this is the creation of recipes, tracking performance and security automation, saving the sequence of actions in the operational log, creating a product passport. In the process control system, functionality for accounting and limiting electricity consumption can be implemented.



The integration of our equipment into existing packing line, the development of a new line, the selection of auxiliary equipment such as winding machines, station opening / closing a mouth, labeling stations and industrial printers, security systems, development of integrated automation system of packing complex, all the work we can perform with all the requirements of the customer. Our indisputable advantage of that effort is a great experience for the maintenance of such systems. We are familiar with all the possible problems during the operation, we will know in advance all the questions that will arise at the customer in the process, so that all our decisions will be proactive with respect to customer requirements. All solutions are developed with the maximum ease of maintenance, availability of spare parts and consumables.


The search for a solution to a non-standard task that does not have typical operating examples in the field of filling equipment can be carried out by us in the shortest possible time. To solve this kind of problem, we have a set of powerful tools that allow us to make high-quality modeling of the technological process, develop a project, including 3D models, detailed diagrams, as well as apply the latest means of process automation. The entire design process is accompanied by the implementation of technological calculations aimed at confirming the achievement of technical and technological parameters of the process. The design documentation undergoes an industrial safety review, the report is registered with the regional Rostekhnadzor authority.


The MVS Mechatronics company produces equipment for filling liquid products with the volumetric and gravimetric methods. The filling process can be manual – the operator completely controls the filling procedure, semi-automatic – the operator performs only part of the functions of the filling process, and automatic – the operator only controls the operation of the line and provides it with consumables. The type of line should be selected based on the requirements for productivity, metrological characteristics, the final product, the filling process, etc.

Quality control is carried out at each stage of the production cycle. Our production is equipped with modern high-quality equipment that allows us to produce high-quality products. All consumables used in production are tested and rejected for quality. After the final stage of assembly, the equipment is subject to verification of compliance with the documents governing the production of: TU, GOST, rules and regulations.

The assembled and tested equipment is subject to a performance test, the performance of the main and auxiliary functions, the operation of the protection algorithms for equipment and personnel is checked.

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