Pallets and containers filling machine

The unit is used for filling containers disposed on a pallet and containers of total volume to 1200 liters of liquid products, such as motor oil, the concentrates, solvents, aqueous solutions, etc. Machine can perform two type of filling above and below surface of product. This avoids foaming and the formation of airborne product mixture with ambient air. To work with the machine requires only one operator. The simple design allows you to install on-site machine in just a few hours. Feeding containers to a place of filling can be done manually or using a transportation system.

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    Overall dimensions, WxDxH mm 1500х2000х3000
    Weight, kg 500
    Productivity, pcs/h  
    – 4 Drums of 216.5 liters 12
    – IBC container 15
    Accuracy class according to GOST 8.610-2012 0,5
    The greatest limit of dispensing 2000 kg
    Power 220 V, 50 Hz, 300 W
    Pneumatic supply 6 bar 25 nl / min
    Operating temperature, °C +5…+40
    * -Specifications may differ from those indicated and depend on the properties of the product used and the operating conditions.
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