Bitumen big-bag filling machine

The machine is designed for packaging bitumen and other fast curing products to big-bag. The machine operates in semiautomatic mode. The operator places a big bag in the filling area and fastens the neck of the bag to the filling nozzle. The filling is done gravimetrically. The product feed line, including pump and filling valve, heating with a coolant or heating cable. The big bag is removed using a forklift. The machine can be supplyed with additional equipment, such as a system for evacuation of outgoing vapors and inflatable bags inside the big bag.

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    Overall dimensions WxDxH mm 7000х2000х2500
    Weight, kg 900
    Productivity, pcs/h 30
    Accuracy class according to GOST OIML R76-1-2011 III
    The greatest weighting limit 2000 kg
    Power 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 1,5 kW
    Pneumatic supply 6 Bar, 100 nl/min
    Ambient temperature, °С -30…+40
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