Automatic filling station of liquids in canisters 10-50 l

Automatic machine for canisters filling. Machine is used to fill liquid products to canisters with volumes from 10 to 50 liters, such as motor oil, concentrates, solvents, acids, aqueous solutions, etc. Machine can perform filling above or below a surface of product. This avoids foaming and the formation of airborne product mixture with ambient air.Machine automatically performs: moving and positioning the cans, filling the cans and closing the caps.

Additional equipment supplied with the station (the composition may vary depending on customer requirements) allows to: checking caps of canisters for tightness, labeling canisters, applying labels, weighing control and rejecting filled canisters, automatic palletizing of canisters on the pallet, wrapping the formed pallet with film with laying the sheet on top, pallet tie PP or PET tape. The supply of containers to the place of filling and removal is further carried out using the transportation system.


  • Accumulation of empty cans;
  • Checking the caps of the cans for tightness;
  • Moving and positioning canisters;
  • Filling canisters with product;
  • Closing the caps of the cans;
  • Checking the tightening torque of the caps, the correct fit of the caps;
  • Welding metal liners covers the cans;
  • Labeling of cans;
  • Marking canisters;
  • Weight control and culling of filled cans;
  • Laying cans on a pallet according to the Customer’s scheme;
  • Sealing of the formed pallet with a stretch film with the laying of the sheet on top;
  • Strapping pallet PP or PET tape;
  • Delivery of the finished pallet transport system to the warehouse of the customer.
Overall dimensions WxDxH, mm 10000х8500х2300
Weight, kg 2500
Productivity, pcs/h  
– 10 L
– 20 L
– 30 L
– 50 L
Accuracy class according to GOST 8.610-2012
The greatest limit of dispensing
100 kg
Power 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 15 kW
Pneumatic supply 6 bar, 20 nl/min
Operating temperature, °C +5…+40
protection class IP54
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