Automatic filling station of liquids in canisters 1-10 l

Description Automatic canister filling installation. The unit is used to fill canisters with a volume of 1 to 10 liters with liquid products such as engine oil, concentrates, solvents, acids, aqueous solutions, etc. The installation can carry out product loading both above and below the liquid level. Filling under the level avoids foaming and the formation of an air-drop mixture of the product with the surrounding air. The installation automatically performs: moving and positioning the cans, filling the cans and tightening the lids.

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    Overall dimensions WxDxH, mm 10000х8000х2300
    Weight, kg 4000
    Productivity, pcs/h  
    — 1 l
    — 4 l
    — 5 l
    Accuracy class according to GOST 8.610-2012 0,5
    The greatest limit of dispensing 10 kg
    Power 220/380 В, 50 Hz
    Pneumatic supply 6 bar, 20 nl/min
    Operating temperature, °C +5…+40
    Protection class IP54

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