Automatic drums filling machine

The unit is used for filling barrels in volume from 50 to 250 liters and IBC containers of liquid products, such as motor oil, the concentrates, solvents, acids, aqueous solutions, etc. automatically. The main distinctive feature of the unit is Autonomous operation without operators, due to the use of the camera of technical vision, which allows you to automatically find the holes of the barrels ' necks and direct the loading rod to these necks. To ensure continuous operation of the installation, it is only necessary to bring pallets with empty barrels, remove pallets with filled ones and monitor the sufficiency of consumables. Opening, closing and sealing of barrels is also carried out automatically, without the participation of the operator.


The use of an automatic filling system allows to minimize the total cycle time and achieve maximum performance.

The unit can carry out filling of the product both above and below the liquid level. This avoids foaming and the formation of an air-droplet mixture of the product with the ambient air. Also, when packing liquids related to flammable liquid, it is required to perform filling under the liquid level.

As a container can be used as drums placed on a pallet and IBC containers.
The unit can be equipped with additional equipment, such as labeling machine, laser printing on the metal surface of the drums, winding machine, automatic screed machine.


The search engine coordinates of the centers of holes


Typical overall dimensions WxDxH mm 1300х2500х3500
Used tare 50 l, 216,5 l drums, IBC containers
Weight, kg 450
Productivity, pcs/h  
– 50 L
– 216,5 L
– IBC container
Accuracy class according to GOST 8.610-2012
The greatest limit of dispensing
5000 kg
Power 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 10-20 kW
Pneumatic supply 6 bar, 80 nl/min
Ambient temperature, °C +5…+40
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